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Sign up for Pretty In Pink’s One Year Membership, and save on future house cleanings TODAY!


  • $85.00 for 1 two-hour housecleaning session by two cleaners
  • $109.00 for 1 three-hour housecleaning session by two cleaners
  • $149.00 for 1 four-hour housecleaning session by two cleaners

PIP’s 1yr Membership = $69.00

(The membership will give you coupon style pricing for a full year)

FAQ’s For Memberships

If I choose a 2 hour cleaning as my first job, will I be able to change the length of my cleanings in the future?

Yes! You may choose and change. You can have the cleaners for as long as you need them (2, 3 or 4 hours).

Does my membership transfer if I move?

Yes! Give us your new address, and we will update your information!

Do I have to have sign up for a consistent house cleaning with my membership?

No way! You can schedule whenever you would like, and as many times as you would like.

Is there a minimum amout of cleanings that I must order?

No way! There are no minimums. You can schedule as many cleanings as you would like.

Can my membership be used for multiple locations?

No. Each membership can only be used for a single location. You may transfer your membership if you change addresses.

When does the membership start?

The one-year membership starts from the first job scheduled, or one month from purchase date.

Is this a recurring charge?

This is not a yearly recurring charge. You are able to decide whether you would like to renew each year.

Not sure what to do with all of the extra time you have? You could be doing any of these activities with the time that we will save you.