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Office hours are open until 8 p.m. (Monday – Saturday)

We are ready to assist you with your junk removal needs.




We offer same day and next day Junk Removal, with 100% Customer Satisfaction!
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-Garage clean-outs-Storm debris





-Large items

-Rental clean-outs

-Remodeling debris

-Demolition debris

-Household junk

-Old clothes

-Scrap wood

-Storage Clean-out

-And more

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-Property Management Companies-Real Estate Agents-Apartment Complexes

-Retail Furniture Stores

-Storage Facilities

-And more


*NO Hazardous Materials! (Chemicals, explosives, or anything containing gasoline, petroleum, oil or paint) These must all be emptied.

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Junk Removal Pricing


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By The Pile


[vc_column_text]Follow these steps to get your estimate:

Step 1:  Measure your pile of junk by:

length (feet), by width (feet), and by height (feet).

Step 2:  Apply this formula:

Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet

Step 3: Once you have made your calculations, the prices can be found below.



  • $75 = 1/8 load (56 cubic feet)
  • $125 = 1/4 load (112 cubic feet)
  • $225 = 1/2 load (224 cubic feet)
  • $275 = 3/4 load (336 cubic feet)
  • $350 = Full Load (448 cubic feet)

           Trailer dimensions: 16’L x 7’W x 4’H = 448cuft

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Single Items


  • $55 – TV under 36 inches
  • $75 – TV over 36 inches
  • $65 – Recliner Chair
  • $70 – Couch (additional $20 for sectional)
  • $70 – Mattress & Box Spring
  • $70 – Hot Water Heater
  • $70 – Washer
  • $70 – Dryer
  • $70 – Stove
  • $70 – BBQ
  • $70 – Refrigerator
  • $275 – Spa (8×8 or smaller)
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Additional Charges


  • Tires – $12 each
  • A/C Units – $35 each
  • Refrigerator – $25
  • $30 an hour per person (This comes into affect when the junk is not all in one pile)
  • *Dirt, rock, tile and similar items are based on the weight, and the time it takes to remove them. Call us with any questions that you may have (602)-909-7002
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Cities we serve:


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Sun City





[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Don’t see a service that you’re interested in? Ask us. Give us a call at 602-909-7002[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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Apache Junction

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